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Dr. Morgan Smith has been a lifesaver for me. I've experienced chest and back pain, headaches, and various other sports related pain over the last few years, with very little relief from traditional sports medicine treatments. After a few visits to Dr. Smith, I am feeling significantly better, and my headaches have almost disappeared. Besides being a great chiropractor, Morgan is friendly, kind, and a pleasure to work with. Go see him, you won't regret it.
Dr. Smith is great!  On my first (badly needed) visit, he stayed beyond his normal hours--on a Saturday!--and spent far longer with me than I ended up paying for.  Not only is Dr. Smith a gifted chiropractor and masseur, he also is genuinely more interested in your well-being than in the bottom line.
I would say that I'll be going to Dr. Smith all the time now, but after my last session it is difficult to imagine that I will need another visit for a long time!
Dr. Smith is a miracle worker with magic hands. He combines chiropractic medicine, sports massage, and reiki to help fix your injury. I'm one of those accident-prone people that has sprained both ankles more than 5 times, and have tried everything from insoles, acupuncture, and physical therapy. Someone recommended Morgan to me, and based on their positive experience, I was excited that his magic would work on me too. Morgan is very knowledgable and generous. He doesn't try to sell you stuff if it's not good for you - rather, his sole focus is on your healing, even though it may be painful. But of course - no pain, no gain! He wants you to get better more than making a profit, as he recommends other remedies besides his own therapy. If you have an injury or just need a massage, you must give him a visit!
A five star experience.
Why only 4?
Because this guy has over 20 review with tons of 5 stars and none get past the filter.
I really like how he combines chiropractic care with massage; I have old injuries from wrestling, basketball and rugby and he's provided relief.  This despite corrective surgeries that have helped but not fixed.
He's a good guy.


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AB FAB – he is the guy to get your body back to feel like it should. great location, price, ...
Dr Smith is a life saver! – I went to Dr Smith with an injury that I got from a 1/2 marathon over Thanksgiving. I injured my quad and IT band ... after 2 months of other docs not helping I was referred to Dr Smith by a friend. In 2 weeks he had me back up and running with NO PAIN!!!!!!! Amazing work and he is super affordable! I will always go to Dr Smith for any sports related injury!! Thanks again for getting me back on my feet!
One of the best... – As an Osteopathic physician, I am trained in the modalities that Dr. Smith uses. He is extremely talented at classic stress points and extremity work.

Some chiropractors will treat their patients enough to keep them coming back. Dr. Smith seems to be more interested in correcting the problem and getting you back out there.
Dr. Smith is great and affordable. – I'm so happy with Dr. Smith's treatment. Anytime I have a back problem I go to him and he is always right on the money with his diagnosis. I'm positive that his advice gets me back to my normal activity quicker than other methods I have used in the past, including other therapists. I really like how he combines adjusting, stretching, and exercise in his therapy. His sports massage therapy is great too.
Very good chiropractor – He is one of the best in the therapy massage field. I higly recomend Dr. Smith.
Miracle Worker – Dr. Smith quickly diagnosed my lower back pain as muscular and treated me within minutes. He Paid attention to both the skeletal and muscular issues and had me walking upright before leaving his office. I cannot believe how much better I felt in a matter of minutes. Even more amazing is how much better I feel less than 24 hours later. He has also treated my daughter for ADHD as well as allergies. WE LOVE DR MORGAN SMITH!
In it for health, not business – I have ongoing back trouble and Dr. Smith is the first chiropractor who has spent extended time with me during one pay session. He does soft tissue work, stretching, manipulation when necessary, all in a casual but informative atmosphere. He never creates dependence and doesn't insist I come back for more treatments even though his treatments are comparatively reasonable. For the first time in my experience, one session with Dr. Smith lasts much longer than I would expect. His knowledge of massage and chiropractic make him a great resource. Highly recommended!
Awesome Chiropractor! – Dr. Smith knows his field. There may be something that he's not familiar with, but I wouldn't know what it is. He's been able to repair everything that has needed it. I'll continue to go to him as long as I need because I haven't found a better practitioner and don't expect to.

Mark Hedges
Go to him. – After almost 3 years and 3 chiropractors I found Dr Smith. In just 4 months I have better brain and joint function than the 3 years and thousands of dollars previous. His knowledge of how muscles affect bones and vice versa is the difference. He focuses on making the whole person well. Dr Smith is a healer.
Best Chiropractor in Atlanta – Dr. Smith is a very professional chiropractor that I would recomend to any and all people needing a chiropractor. He truly takes his time with each patient to understand their problem as wll as to make sure they are reveiving the care they need and deserve. I have been going to Dr. Smith for a couple years now and will continue to.
Excellent Chiropractor – I went to see Dr Smith even though I was a bit leary of Chiropractors. I have never felt comfortable with the cracking sound. Dr Smith took alot of time with me and we figured out that my one leg is shorter than the other and that is why I was having so much lower back pain. He gave me an adjustment and made me feel at ease during the session and explained what he was doing and why. I felt so good afterwards and have been back several times since. He was also helpful in getting me a lift for my shoe so my shoulders would be in better balance.
Best in the City! – I've been in Medical Sales for a while now, and I've never met a Chiro that's as nice and down to Earth as Dr. Morgan. He really cares about how to help out his patients. I've also struggled with an injury for over ten years, that even after surgery and unsuccessful rehab, Dr. Morgan has been the first person that's helped me manage this old injury properly. At the age of 27 I was looking at not being able to keep up my activity level of working out and running, but after finding help from Dr. Morgan I have been able to resume all of my normal activities. He's truely changed my life around with his knowledge of PT, stretching, and pain relief through proper adjustments. I would send ANYONE to see my friend Dr. Morgan Smith!
Best Chiropractor in Town – Dr Smith is an amazing Chiropractor. He takes the time to evaluate your entire body. He helped me with my lower back pain by discovering one of my legs is shorter than the other. Then he went out of his way to find an insert for my shoe. When I get adjusted I feel so good afterwards and he explains what he is doing and why which I appreciate since adjustment was new to me. Dr. Smith is a very down to earth doctor and I would recommend him to anyone looking for that personable experience.
Best chiro - made my life better!!! – I used to grind my teeth for years. The dentist gave me expensive mouth guards that I chewed through in a matter of weeks and then recommended that I get braces to fix the problem. Dr. Smith adjusted my jaw and eliminated my problem after just 3 visits. I feel so much better - no more headaches and sore jaw! I highly recommend Dr. Smith.
As an Osteopathic physician, I am trained in the modalities that Dr. Smith uses. He is extremely talented at classic stress points and extremity work.  Some chiropractors will treat their patients enough … more
Best Chiropractor In The World! – I got struck by a car in August of 2006 in pedestrian/SUV accident and immediately went to Dr. Smith, since he was already my chiropractor before hand. He spends time stretching muscles, adjusting, and is literally the best chiropractor I have ever went to. He is VERY customer service oriented, listens to what is going on, and fixes it. He is NOT like those other chiropractors who see you for 15 minutes and chases you out the door. He spends at least an hour with me every time I come to see him and I LOVE his techniques. If one technique doesn't work, he tries others to make the pain go away. He is not hard to get in touch with and it is easy to make the same day appointments. He is worth every penny and more. If your looking for a chiropractor who truly helps you get better, then Dr. Morgan Smith is your man!

Fantastic Care and Treatment! – I've been to some really good chiropractors in my life, but Dr. Morgan is the best! He will actually take the time that you need to to get you taken care of. It's nothing like many practices where they rush you in and out in 15 minutes. If I need extra stretching or other techniques, he will do whatever it takes to get me feeling better and on my way. He's very affordable, very friendly and the atmosphere is totally casual and comfortable.

He knows many techniques and is incredibly helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs chiropractic care or massage.
Such a great chiropractor that I haven't been back! – You always hear about people who get addicted to their chiropractors. You know the stories, I went once and then I just had to keep going back every few months, weeks, week, and eventually they end up getting their "fix" every couple of days.

Dr. Smith is different. His goal is to fix you for good. Sure, there are complicated cases that require repeat visits, but his entire goal is to solve your particular problem and let you continue your life, pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Smith because of his expertise in not only your skeletal issues, but also his whole-body approach incorporating your diet and activities to improve your day to day life.
Best Chiropratic Office – Dr. Smith is amazing! After my car wreck I could barely move, everything hurt. He got me in right away and started me on the road to recovery. He believes in results that had me feeling better than before I had the accident. Dr. Smith truly cares about his patients.
Excellent therapy for athletes – I have been to a variety of chiropractors and have learned which ones are really worth the investment. I hated leaving the last one I had and had little hope of finding one as good here in Atlanta. Luckily I came across Dr. Smith and wouldn't think of going anywhere else now. I am an athlete who pushes myself to improve while coping with some chronic issues with my back and hamstrings. Dr. Morgan is generous with his time and always has a tip to try whether it be regarding diet, sleep, lifestyle or exercise. I also enjoy the deep tissue pressure work he does to loosen up my tight areas. If it weren't for the therapy I'm getting from Dr. Smith, I wouldn't be able to continue competing in the triathlons I enjoy.
Editorial Review – From chiropractic work to massage and nutrition advice, this specialist gives Atlanta's athletes full health service.

Yahoo Local

Dr Smith is a life saver ... I injured my Quad and IT band in a 1/2 marathon and wasn't able to run for 2 months!!! A friend referred me to Dr Morgan Smith and he had me on my feet in 2 weeks running again … more
Excellent service – My lower back got badly inflamed, so that I could hardly sit in my car. All this happened just 3 weeks before a marathon I planned to run. Thanks to the 3 visits I made at Dr. Smith, I had no problem on the race day at all. He really provided good service; waited on me when I got there 40 minutes late due to the traffic, dealt with my insurance company so that I had to pay the co-payment part only, gave me a pair of pediatric insert free of charge and also recommended stretching exercises so that I can avoid similar injuries in the future. Thanks for that.
Susan Taylor
I first saw Dr. Smith after my first half marathon. I had issues with a tight IT band and I felt much relief after my visit. I also left with education on how to prevent this situation from coming back. … more